The Thomas A’ Beckett pub was once a world famous boxing gym in Old Kent Road.

The developers of the pub wanted to refurbish the site. Their vision was to transform the ground floor in to a restaurant with the basement becoming a revolutionary new style Korean/Vietnamese type karaoke bar with 3 separate karaoke rooms.

The nature of redevelopment meant the client faced the task of selecting a product that would be able to attenuate (reduce) the sound from the karaoke rooms into other karaoke rooms, the restaurant above and also the accommodation on the upper floors of the building.

Many options were considered before the developer opted to use Trim Acoustics Resound acoustic system on the walls and ceilings in the karaoke rooms.

Resound utilises a factory combined multi-layer system of high density gypsum fibre boards with a core of acoustic membrane. The easy to handle boards of 1200mm x 600mm are adhered together with an innovative self-adhesive joint system which means there is no requirement for separate adhesive. The combined products work in synergy to give excellent sound attenuation whilst still having a minimal thickness of 22mm.

Trim Acoustics were involved in all aspects of the design and build which in this project involved the use of battens and resilient bars. The battens which when fixed to the walls produce a void which can be part filled with Rock Fibre. The Rock Fibre reduces noise at specific frequencies and reduces the potential for reverberation to start in the void. The resilient bars which Trim Acoustics supply effectively decouple the battens from the Resound and therefore improve acoustic performance

Whilst this project only required product for airborne sound reduction (attenuation) Trim Acoustics have products for both airborne and impact reduction