Project Burgate House Felixstowe

Complicated conversion of seaside hotel into flats.

The Client on this project who has a large presence in Felixstowe docks was keen to provide staff members visiting the town good quality accommodation with excellent sound insulation. The construction company engaged for the conversion was Groupbridge Ltd. of Bury St Edmunds, who approached Richard Groborz of Trim Acoustics to provide technical help and recommend  products that would surpass the requirements of document E of the building regulations.

The age and type of construction of the existing building made it difficult to meet Document E of the building regulations, however after consultation with Uniserve, Groupbridge and the acoustic consultants Sharpes Redmore it was decided to use Trim Defender 35 on all the separating floor areas.

Trim Defender 35 structural acoustic floor boards are designed to exceed the requirements of Doucument E for a new build installation so easily meet the requirements for a conversion project.  Additionally Trim Acoustics Resound boards were installed on the internal wall areas. These boards also meet the Document E new build standard and have the added benefit that they can achieve 90 minutes fire protection.

Both the Defender 35 and Trim Resound board use a mass loaded vinyl component to add mass and reduce vibration within their structure. This ensured when tested that all the requirements of Document E of the building regulations had been achieved.

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