So, you have decided to convert your garage into a music room. All you want to do is to be able to shut yourself away and listen to Mozart or Led Zeppelin whenever you want to without disturbing anyone else. Or perhaps you are a musician and you need somewhere to compose or practice.
The problem is the garage was never intended for this purpose so if the correct methodology is not adopted the acoustic performance levels will be disappointing both in terms of internal sound transmission to the rest of the house and sound escaping into the environment.
At Trim Acoustics we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you along the way.
You should build a ‘room within a room’ but this will involve reducing the floor space. It means building a separate stud partition away from the wall, using dense mineral wool in the partition void with our Trim Acoustics Resound System incorporating heavy duty resilient bars onto the new stud wall and the ceiling followed by Trim Resound boards.
If a thinner detail is required to reduce the footprint then battens can be fixed onto the walls with dense mineral wool insulation between the battens followed by the Trim Acoustics Resound System.
For the best sound quality within the room the optimum level of reverberation can be achieved by using a simple formula which takes into account the absorption coefficient of each type of surface to arrive at a total area to receive the absorption material. Trim Acoustics can provide this information and offer our Trim Nova Panels.
A soft covering on the floor is recommended i.e. Trim Acoustics Soundshield Rubber Crumb Matting with a carpet to reduce vibration from footfall.
If the garage doors are to be retained you will need to build a separate stud partition using the Resound System behind the doors.
If you decide to remove the garage doors replace them with a new brickwork or blockwork wall and line with the Trim Resound System. The window should receive secondary glazing to reduce the passage of sound into the environment. Seal all gaps with Duoseal non-setting sealant.