Highly versatile multipurpose acoustic product Reduces room to room noise up to 46dB Sound Reduction Index of 28dB-31dB Easily workable, will form to any contour Available with lead or polymeric core sheet Used as a vertical cavity barrier, Soundstop avoids treating the whole suspended ceiling Ideal for lining plant and machinery enclosures Wipeable and self-adhesive [...]

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Trim Defender Wall Boards


• Document E solution for walls • Quickly and easily installed • Can be used to form enclosures • Easy and clean to handle • Plaster direct to Defender surface • Board Size: 1800mm x 900mm x 25mm (1.62m2 per sheet)

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SRS Soundblocker


· Reduces noise breakout through suspended ceilings. · Reduces noise breakout from services within the ceiling void. · Easily installed with new or existing  ceilings. · Easily removed for access. · Allows complete flexibility with relocation of partitions. · Clean and easily cut. · Accessories for treating light fittings, air diffusers and gaps. · Made [...]

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SRS Maxiboard


• Document E solution for walls & ceilings • Quickly and easily installed • Can be used to form an independent   structure • Can be used to form enclosures • Can take screws and nails direct • Extremely durable • Minimal thickness, only 17mm • Moisture resistant • Class 0 fire rating • Easy and [...]

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Trim Resound Board System


• Can be used to meet Building Regulations Document E • Only 22mm thick • Can be used for walls and ceiling • Self-adhesive jointing system • Ideal for conversion and new build • Reduces airborne and impact noise • Weight per board 20.5kg (28.45kg m2) • Board designed with interlocking   overlap and self-adhesive [...]

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