SRS Soundblocker

· Reduces noise breakout through suspended ceilings.
· Reduces noise breakout from services within the ceiling void.
· Easily installed with new or existing  ceilings.
· Easily removed for access.
· Allows complete flexibility with relocation of partitions.
· Clean and easily cut.
· Accessories for treating light fittings, air diffusers and gaps.
· Made for all types of suspended ceilings.

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SoundBlockers provide the most comprehensive system available for reducing the breakout of sound through suspended ceilings. They are ideal for use where partitions are installed only to the underside of the suspended ceiling, and will reduce the problem commonly found within the office environment of  room to room noise. SoundBlockers will also reduce vertical sound transmission between floors, and from services within the ceiling void. Suitable for most ceiling systems, they are simply placed onto the back of the ceiling tile and can be installed with the ceiling or as a retrofit. Easily removed with the tile, they allow access to the ceiling void. When replaced, their special edge detail re-makes the acoustic seal. Four types are available to meet specific demands. Accessories provide treatment to modular light fittings, downlighters, perimeters, air diffusers and small apertures, providing a complete system for limiting sound through suspended ceilings

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