REDUC Foundation 35 Flooring

  • Easy fit
  • Installed over existing floor
  • Composite Board Construction
  • Visco- Elastic Dampening Technology
  • Can be used as part of a construction to meet Building Regulation Document E
  • Size: 2400mm x 600mm x 35mm (1.44m2 per board)

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Reduc Foundation 35 is a high performance structural or overlay acoustic flooring products suitable for use on new and existing timber and concrete floors. They comprise two layers of moisture- resistant chipboard, separated by visco elastic sound damping strips, with an acoustic felt on the underside.
Reduc Foundation 35 is 35mm thick to suit up to 450mm joist centres. They are designed to damp vibration and attenuate airborne and impact noise passing through floors.
The moisture-resistant upper surface means Reduc Foundation 35 can be used throughout the building, including kitchens and bathrooms. When used as an overlay on existing floors the acoustic felt on the underside will contour over minor irregularities on the floor surface.
Reduc Foundation 35 is used extensively in the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings into apartments to upgrade the separating floor, and in all manner of new build projects by those looking to exceed Building Regulation requirements.

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