• bb93 solution
  • Class a rated raft absorber
  • Easily removable / relocatable
  • Wide range of colours / sizes
  • Bespoke printed panels available
  • Suspended mountings can span wiring / pipes / conduit
  • Spectacular 3D aesthetic
  • Quick, easy and clean to install
  • Non-shedding foam panels – no mineral fibre
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SRS Sonata Vario absorbers are a practical and cost effective way of controlling reverberation.

The problem:
Large, open spaces often suffer from poor room acoustics. this manifests itself as
reverberation and echo, creating unwelcome levels of noise, seriously affecting
speech intelligibility, and making verbal communication difficult. in short, it
makes for an unpleasant environment to spend time in, whether for work,
leisure, or learning.

The Solution:
Sonata Vario panels are an incredibly efficient way to introduce a high
performance, absorptive material to any space. the panels comprise a technical,
non-shedding, acoustic foam, a rigid frame insert to the rear and an acoustically
transparent fabric finish to the face and sides. easily and quickly installed,
Sonata Vario panels can be suspended from ceilings on clips or bracket
mounted to walls. allowing the panels to stand proud of the ceiling or wall
exposes the back of the panel and offers an enhanced acoustic performance as
well as creating a stunning visual effect. the product is available in a wide
range of colours and sizes to accommodate any existing wall or ceiling and can
also be printed with photographs or images to create a striking ‘canvas’ effect.

Fire performance:
The foam core meets the class o requirements of the building regulations when tested
to bs476 part 6 1981 and part 7 1987. all standard fabrics used meet the requirements
of class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to bs476: part 7: 1987 as a minimum.
class o rated fabric available on request

the sonata Vario absorber comprises of a technical acoustic foam, wrapped in a high
quality, acoustic transparent fabric and bonded to a rear metal support frame which is
prefinished with precision laser-cut fixing apertures. sonata Vario absorbers are
designed to be installed onto either walls or ceilings and in either portrait or landscape
orientation. for installation onto walls the Vario mounting brackets are required. for
installation onto ceilings the ceiling suspension pack is required.
for further information please refer to the Sonata Vario installation Guidance Datasheet.

Sonata Vario absorbers are available in the following dimensions (trilogy fabric wrapped):
1200 x 1200 x 50mm – 4.00 Kg per panel
1200 x 1000 x 50mm – 3.60 Kg per panel
1200 x 800 x 50mm – 3.20 Kg per panel
1200 x 600 x 50mm – 2.70 Kg per panel
1200 x 500 x 50mm – 2.35 Kg per panel
600 x 600 x 50mm – 1.50 Kg per panel
600 x 500 x 50mm – 1.40 Kg per panel
large mounting brackets – 1.30 Kg per pair
Small mounting brackets – 0.60 Kg per pair
Ceiling Suspension Kit – 0.12 Kg per pack

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