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Trim Defender Wall Boards


• Document E solution for walls

• Quickly and easily installed

• Can be used to form enclosures

• Easy and clean to handle

• Plaster direct to Defender surface

Board Size: 1800mm x 900mm x 25mm (1.62m2 per sheet)

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DEFENDER Acoustic Board System is a high-density lap jointed composite board suitable for masonry or stud walls and ceiling applications, providing a high standard of airborne sound reduction, and can be used to reduce both flanking and direct sound transmission with minimum loss of space.

DEFENDER has been tested by the independent NAMAS approved testing house AIRO

Defender’s composite design incorporates a polymer modified vibration damping layer for optimum airborne sound reduction, and when installed with Isolation bars and high density mineral fibre provides an effective solution to improving sound insulation through all types of walls. Defender is also suitable for ceiling applications where additional airborne sound reduction is required.

Defender’s plasterboard based design make it a easy product to work with, giving fast results and the fitted boards accept a skim plaster finish with no special preparation.

Board Size: 1800mm x 900mm x 25mm

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