Trim Acoustic Resound System with 90 minutes fire rating

Trim Acoustics Resound system was originally designed to provide acoustic performance for ceilings and walls that would exceed the standard of Document E of the building regulations.
With the recent rise in interest for acoustic products that will also provide fire protection, Trim Acoustics Resound board is now leading the way in providing 90mins fire integrity for a timber joist ceiling construction.
Following the successful fire test at Exova Warrington back in August 2018 we are confident to claim that our Resound System has set a new level of fire protection for an acoustic board system as well as providing excellent acoustic performance
The high density construction of Resound boards incorporating an Acoustic Membrane bonded between two High Mass Gypsum Boards has been cleverly designed with interlocking joints coupled with an innovative self-adhesive jointing system. This design provides easy installation for both ceiling and wall applications.
Resound systems can achieve high levels of acoustic performance for both airborne and impact noise when installed as part of a wall or ceiling construction. With the addition of the 90 minute fire rating makes it the perfect all in one acoustic board.

Product Specification
Size: 1200mm x 600mm x 24mm
Weight: 28.44 kg/m2

Tested Fire Performance
Integrity: 90 minutes
Insulation: 90 Minutes
Loadbearing Capacity: 90 minutes
Test discontinued at 90 minutes
Report No: 399058 Exova Warrington