SRS Subprimo

SRS Subprimo

• Reduces impact noise of laminate, engineered and solid wood floor finishes.  

• Reduces airborne noise transmission.   

• Installed directly beneath floor finish.

• Easy and quick to install.

• Easy to cut and shape.

• Part of the SRS Total Party Floor
  Solution to meet Building Regulations   Part E.


SubPrimo is an acoustic underlay product, specifically designed for use beneath timber floor finishes such as laminate, engineered and solid wood.
The current trend of replacing carpet and underlay with timber flooring in flats and apartments can cause serious problems for downstairs neighbours, and many leases prohibit their installation without taking acoustic insulation into account. Within a single dwelling, sound insulation between, say, a bedroom and a sitting room can be a serious issue. SubPrimo offers the most effective method of improving the impact sound insulation of a timber floor.

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