Automatic Door Threshold Seal


Self leveling, face mounted, automatic door threshold seal Location: Face mounted on the bottom of single and double butt hinged doors. Min/Max Gap: 3mm to 15mm. Finish: Satin clear (silver) Fixing: Concealed screw fix. Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws and cover strip supplied. Fixing holes are pre-slotted. Seal: RP460. Black TPE. Sizes: 915mm [...]

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Trim Batten Tape


Easily applied to timber joists providing a resilient layer for a conventional timber floor Can also be applied to timber battens Closed cell, cross-linked co-polymer foam Excellent resilient properties Size: 45mm x 10mm x 10mt rolls

Trim Batten Tape2021-09-28T15:55:36+01:00

Drill Point Screws


Self drilling Screws designed to fix SRS Maxiboard and Trim Resound Board to Resilient bars Available in 3 sizes 32mm - to fix Maxiboard /Resound Board to resilient bars 38mm - to fix Defender Wall boards to resilient bars 50mm - to fix final layer of plaster board Supplied in box quantity 1000

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T&G MDF Panels


Moisture resistant Tongue & Groove MDF Panels Improves stability for the floor finish and prevents problems due to point loading, carpet rucking, and joint damage Available in two sizes: 6mm (panel size 1200mm x 1200mm = 1.44m2)  9mm (Panel size 1200mm x 596mm = 0.72m2)

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SRS Socket Boxes


Maintains acoustic integrity of walls Robust Detail compliant :–E-WT-1 / E-WT-2 / E-WS-1 / E-WS-2 High acoustic performance Cost & time efficient Physically robust Easy to install Pre-fabricated Available in Standard Single and Double boxes as well as Bespoke Sizes

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