Automatic Door Threshold Seal


Self leveling, face mounted, automatic door threshold seal Location: Face mounted on the bottom of single and double butt hinged doors. Min/Max Gap: 3mm to 15mm. Finish: Satin clear (silver) Fixing: Concealed screw fix. Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws and cover strip supplied. Fixing holes are pre-slotted. Seal: RP460. Black TPE. Sizes: 915mm [...]

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Trim Batten Tape


Easily applied to timber joists providing a resilient layer for a conventional timber floor Can also be applied to timber battens Closed cell, cross-linked co-polymer foam Excellent resilient properties Size: 45mm x 10mm x 10mt rolls

Trim Batten Tape2021-09-28T15:55:36+01:00

Drill Point Screws


Self drilling Screws designed to fix SRS Maxiboard and Trim Resound Board to Resilient bars Available in 3 sizes 32mm - to fix Maxiboard /Resound Board to resilient bars 38mm - to fix Defender Wall boards to resilient bars 50mm - to fix final layer of plaster board Supplied in box quantity 1000

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Acoustic Underlay Adhesive


SRS Acoustilay Approved Adhesive - F Ball Styccobond F45 Floor Adhesive  Ideal for bonding Acoustic Underlay to sub floor Can also be used for bonding Plywood or MDF to Acoustic Underlay prior to finished floor Available in 5ltr tubs (approx 15m2 per tub)

Acoustic Underlay Adhesive2021-09-16T14:54:37+01:00

T&G MDF Panels


Moisture resistant Tongue & Groove MDF Panels Improves stability for the floor finish and prevents problems due to point loading, carpet rucking, and joint damage Available in two sizes: 6mm (panel size 1200mm x 1200mm = 1.44m2)  9mm (Panel size 1200mm x 596mm = 0.72m2)

T&G MDF Panels2021-04-22T17:11:33+01:00

SRS Socket Boxes


Maintains acoustic integrity of walls Robust Detail compliant :–E-WT-1 / E-WT-2 / E-WS-1 / E-WS-2 High acoustic performance Cost & time efficient Physically robust Easy to install Pre-fabricated Available in Standard Single and Double boxes as well as Bespoke Sizes

SRS Socket Boxes2021-04-08T13:17:32+01:00