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Texaa® have a comprehensive range of modular  acoustic absorbers used to reduce the sound reverberation  in offices, libraries, cafeterias, restaurants, multipurpose rooms, kindergartens, exhibition spaces, meeting halls, etc. Stereo objects are modular, very easy and fast to install,  easy to reposition, the perfect solution for renovation  and acoustic ”repair” when the acoustic situation is poor.

They are a highly simplified acoustic correction system,  easy to adapt to changes in room use or future redesign. Extremely durable, Stereo meets fire safety requirements  for public places.

The nature of their components prevents the development  of house dust mites and micro organisms,  they can be placed very close to the users, for optimum comfort. Available in a range of 23 colours, Stereo products  complement any environment, décor or material,  whether contemporary or traditional.

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– panels, suspended from the ceiling, – screens, suspended from the    ceiling,  – panels to be screwed or clipped    onto the wall or the ceiling – cubes and cones to be scattered    around the room Texaa 2