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Reduc Strata is an acoustic overlay flooring product suitable for use on new and existing timber and concrete floors. The top layer of moisture-resistant MDF is separated from the bottom layer of chipboard by visco-elastic sound damping strips. The underside incorporates a resilient layer of acoustic felt, which provides mechanical isolation from the existing floor structure.

Reduc Strata is 35mm thick and is designed to damp vibration and attenuate both airborne sound and impact noise passing through floors. The moisture-resistant upper surface means Reduc Strata can be used throughout the building, including kitchens and bathrooms, whilst the acoustic felt on the underside will contour over minor irregularities in the surface of the floor being treated.

Reduc Strata is used extensively in the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings into apartments to upgrade the separating floor, and in all manner of new build projects particularly by those looking to meet or exceed minimum Building Regulation requirements.

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