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Echosorba II stick-on acoustic panels are extremely high performance noise absorbers. Their lightweight properties and low thickness not only make the panels easy to install but extremely suitable for adhering to a wide range of ceiling and wall surfaces.

These panels are used widely in schools, offices, music studios, lecture theatres, multi purpose halls, interview rooms, training areas and cinemas. They meet the requirements of BB93 of the Building Regulations for acoustics in school buildings and are Class 0 fire rated hence meeting the Fire Regulations as well.

The panels feature a highly sound absorbent fibreglass core that provides very high noise absorption whilst a white speckled laminated facing enhances the panel’s visual aesthetics with a sleek contemporary appearance.

The panels have bevel edges contributing to an elegant look allowing unique wall and ceiling designs to be created. Although the panels come in a standard white colour to blend in with most ceilings, they can be emulsion painted to any colour.

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