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• Document E solution for walls & ceilings

• Quickly and easily installed

• Can be used to form an independent   structure

• Can be used to form enclosures

• Can take screws and nails direct

• Extremely durable

• Minimal thickness, only 17mm

• Moisture resistant

• Class 0 fire rating

• Easy and clean to handle

  (sheet size:1200 x 600m)

• Achieves a 60 fire rating for ceilings

Maxiboard  is a high performance acoustic building board. Designed to reduce sound transmission through new or existing ceilings and walls.

Maxiboard can provide maximum sound protection in both domestic and commercial applications. Maxiboard is constructed of cement and gypsum with a polymeric core. The composite produced is a very strong, high impact resistant board, suitable for taking screws and fixings direct.

At only 17mm thick Maxiboard offers maximum performance for minimum thickness. When mounted on Isolation Bars, Maxiboard can provide a high performance ceiling and wall system for both Sound and Fire

Maxiboard has been installed and tested as part of the Maxi 60 Ceiling System, Maxi HP Partition, Maxi Beam and Block, Maxi BG Casoline MF, Maxi Dropped Ceiling, Maxiboard Timber Stud Partition Specification, and Maxiboard Masonry Walls Specification.

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