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dBan 200

A highly resilient reconstituted rubber crumb layer with a reinforced backing and polythene anti-scuff surface treatment which reduces transmitted impact noise.
In line with our environmental improvement policy, dBan 200 contains a high level of recycled material.

Impact noise is sound resulting from contact with the floor, e.g. walking or dropping objects.

dBan 200 provides a highly resilient layer which reduces the
transmission of impact noise.

dBan 200’s in-built flexibility allows the easy creation of a flanking strip to run around the perimeter of the room being treated, without the need of installing a separate strip.

dBan 200 helps isolate against both direct and indirect (flanking) transmission.

dBan 200 can be used over concrete floors where airborne noise is not a problem or in conjunction with trim acoustics 20kg mats when impact and airborne noise need to be reduced.

dBan 200 can be fitted directly under carpet when Building Regulations are not an issue.

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